About us

Extraform manufactures modern and balanced upholstered furniture of the latest design. All pieces of furniture are extremely comfortable, strong and functional. Attractive and exciting forms easily get a unique feature and offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to perfect fitting into interior. Our team of designers and engineers carefully create reliable and high-quality manufactured pieces of furniture. We endeavour to make products that will follow the concept and increase the value of any private space. At the same time, we believe that Extraform furniture can make any public space be as comfortable as a private one. We keep high criteria in terms of aesthetics and materials that we use, yet we offer reasonable prices and good availability of our products. We have united thirty years of experience in manufacture of upholstered furniture and the latest production technology and innovations. In our factory, located at the North of Serbia, we create pieces of furniture made of top-quality and certified material from all over the world.
Visual comfort, environmental awareness, sustainable, responsible and ethical business represent the essence of our vision. It is our goal that Extraform products keep the image of all these values.


One complete piece of Extraform furniture is a result of the combination between modern factory production and arts and crafts manual manufacture.


The production process is based on the perfect combination of the latest technologies and manual manufacture. We aim to achieve flawless results, which means that each stage of the production process, from design to manufacture – through prototypes and engineering – selection of colour and material – and finally distribution, is supervised and controlled by the Extraform expert team. Our furniture is intended for the popular market, which is why we always have in mind the idea that our products will be present and used in everyday life.
Through the combination of modern technology, characterized by serial production, and traditional manual manufacture, we also control our environmental impact. By creating strong, functional and long–lasting furniture we directly contribute to the preservation of the environment. We use resources in such a way that our production has a minimal impact on the environment. Complete secondary raw material is processed or sold, which minimizes the impact on the environment.

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